Radio In Afghanistan

Did you know that Morning Star operates a radio station in a rural part of eastern Afghanistan?


Radio has been the most popular form of media in Afghanistan since the 1920s. Eighteen years ago, under the Taliban controlled government music, television and movies were outlawed. As a result, many resorted to radios which were harder to restrict.

Today, only 27% of households have access to the internet. However, almost every home owns a radio, even homes without electricity. Radio access provides families the ability to listen in private to stories and lessons that would not normally be a part of regular society. There are over 170 radio stations in Afghanistan, mainly broadcasting into the big cities.

For the past 10 years, Morning Star has been delivering radio programs from one of our remote community centers. This broadcast reaches 39 villages for 4 hours per day. Our radio operator is an open minded young Afghan man who mixes music, health care messages and positive stories into the daily listening ears of this community. Thanks to our partners at Reach Beyond, we also deliver solar radios which are hard-wired to our radio frequency.


Next year, we are putting into place a new level of outreach for our radio station that begins with mentoring our radio operator. As he fully understands our vision for reaching the community with hope, opportunity and transformation, we can make a bigger impact. We are also partnering with a key organization that can provide professional broadcasts in the local language.