Refugee Programs


We have an unprecendented opportunity to assist displaced Afghan families who are moving into international relocation communities around the world in increasing numbers. Over 1,700 Afghans are displaced from their homes every day. Our refugee assistance initiatives in India and the United States provide the Afghan diaspora with education, language acquisition, and the cultural assimilation training they need to thrive.

Would you consider giving a generous donation that will help underwrite the funds needed to serve these precious Afghan families? Your partnership will help them in dealing with the significant challenges they face as strangers in a new land.


“This is the first time I’ve been to school in the last five years” – Zaki, Afghan Student

Zaki’s story is not so uncommon. There are approximately 50,000 Afghans residing in just one of India’s major cities. Six thousand of them are high school aged youth.

To meet this need, Morning Star Development started a GED-based high school for Afghans living in India. In addition to academics, they are also mentored in character building and servant leadership training. Of the 40 students currently in the school, many say that their favorite class is what we call “Thought for the Day.” This is an inspirational time of sharing stories and proverbs to encourage character growth and moral formation.

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