Afghans are arguably the most motivated students in the world. Being denied educational opportunities during decades of war-related upheaval, both men and women, young and old are eager to learn.

In 2004 Morning Star Development recognized a rare opportunity to influence future Afghan leaders and established The Institute for Leadership Development in the city of Herat in western Afghanistan. Today, we have expanded to two other cities. Morning Star's vision is to reproduce this program into every city with a university in Afghanistan.

New economic, political and social infrastructures are emerging, and will require a new generation of leadership. The one-year course, conducted in English, is open to both men and women with University degrees and a proven track record of leadership. The course teaches best practices of leadership, and brings in guest speakers from around the world. The program is highly competitive – only the most qualified get in – and several graduates have received Fulbright Scholarships for further study in the U.S.

Other educational initiatives include:

  • Home-based education for girls in remote villages
  • Community Health Education classes
  • English and computer classes
  • Training of volunteer Community Health Workers to serve remote villages
  • Continuing education opportunities for Morning Star’s Afghan staff
  • Literacy training for women denied an education by the Taliban